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  • Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.

    With four children & a passion for tennis, Daniel wasn’t willing to give up on his active lifestyle at just 54 years old. So he turned to TCO for help with his hip pain:

    “I love to hike & bike, and I am a competitive tennis player. I really didn't want to give up on playing those grueling, 2-3 hour singles matches. Tennis is my favorite workout and stress reliever.

    However, I wore out my hip playing tennis and recreational basketball in my 30's and 40's. I had 4 different problems in my hip, which not only caused pain during matches and other activity, but I also had significant pain after being active. I was concerned that this chapter of my life was quickly coming to a close.

    When it came to finding the right orthopedic specialist, my first priority was getting the best possible outcome. I went into full research mode to find a physician with a sports medicine background and who also specialized in hips. Dr. David Hartigan at TCO came up #1 on my list. His bio is remarkable, and he has extensive hip and sports medicine experience.

    Dr. Hartigan was everything I hoped for. He understood my questions and answered them patiently. He explained to me (in a way I understood) that for my situation, a total hip replacement would give me the best outcome. I would likely have a 100% recovery, and my new hip would probably last the rest of my life given the materials they use today.

    I am so glad I had the procedure done and am already very close to 100%. I have full range of motion, and I am closing in on full strength. I play tennis now with no pain or limitations and am having so much fun! Thank you, Dr. Hartigan, and your extended team. You have changed my life for the best.”

    By - Daniel.
  • Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.

    A knee injury threatened to “slow down” Becky, an avid runner, from the 5Ks and marathons that she loves. But thanks to Dr. David Hartigan & TCO, she’s crossed the “finish line” in her recovery, and it’s full-speed ahead from here.

    “In October of 2019, I was vacationing in Iceland with a friend, when I twisted my knee on a slippery bus step. I brushed off the incident, continued my vacation, and planned to run the Twin Cities 10-mile race when I returned home.

    I was able to complete that race; however, my left knee was in serious pain. At first, I attributed the pain to tightness, but when it did not go away after a couple of weeks, I made an appointment at Twin Cities Orthopedics with Dr. Hartigan.

    After getting an MRI, Dr. Hartigan provided me with some good news. I did not tear my meniscus or any ligaments, rather the alignment of my knee was off causing all my symptoms and “runner’s knee.”
    Dr. Hartigan spent time with me discussing all the options and answering all of my questions. He never made me feel rushed or not listened to. We talked through what a very conservative approach would look like and also how surgical intervention could correct the issue. I determined that I would prefer not to take the surgical path and chose to try conservative means to manage the symptoms while continuing to do the things I enjoyed.

    Fast forward a month, and my knee was locking, and I wasn’t able to run. After additional discussion with Dr. Hartigan, I decided surgery would be the best option for me and underwent a successful distal femoral osteotomy.

    I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Hartigan for providing me with the time to try different courses of treatment without jumping directly to surgery. I think it’s important for patients to always have “options,” and Dr. Hartigan was great about explaining things every step of the way. I also highly recommend him for his surgical skills because my knee feels amazing, and I’m back to running!

    I do have to give a special shout out to TCO’s amazing physical therapist Beth Langfield. She was absolutely wonderful to work with, and I am currently training for Grandma’s Marathon in June! I love my TCO team.”

    By - Becky.
    28-Aug-2021 04:18 AM
  • I was a noncompetitive runner for several decades, but in December of 2016 developed right medial knee pain which did not resolve with conservative measures. A torn right medial meniscus was diagnosed, in the setting of significant degenerative change to the knee. Both my sports medicine MD (non-surgeon) and the orthopedic surgeon to whom he referred me told me that I was not a surgical candidate given the multiple cartilage defects in my knee, and I was told that I would have to adjust to a new normal of very limited activity, and that I would require a joint replacement sooner rather than later.

    I have learned that, when one has a medical problem that physicians tell you cannot be solved, it often pays to seek a second opinion. I was fortunate to seek that second opinion from Dr. David Hartigan. After reviewing my MRI and examining my knee, he told me that he believed that addressing my torn meniscus was worthwhile, even in the setting of my other degenerative changes. He was truthful and upfront so that I understood that my knee would never be normal again, but that he felt that chances were good that my symptoms would be improved and that I would be able to resume at least some improved level of activity. He operated on my knee in June of 2018; my recovery was relatively low-pain and simple. Dr. Hartigan prepared me well for what to expect post-operatively.

    Since my surgery, my knee has gradually improved a great deal. As Dr. Hartigan stressed, I have not and will not run again so as to protect what cartilage remains, even though I miss running tremendously. However, I can do pretty much every non-impact activity that I want now. I can ellipticize without problem, ride my bike without any symptoms at all, and swim. I can walk long distances faster than most people I know. Most importantly, I have been able to hike again without issue. This 5th of July, one year after my surgery, I hiked with my family to the summit of Mt. Humphrey, the tallest peak in Arizona at 12633 feet, using sport hiking poles to limit impact, and had no problem with my knee whatsoever. I was elated!!

    If you are looking for a skilled, knowledgeable and competent orthopedic surgeon to address your joint pathology, I highly recommend Dr. Hartigan! -Cecilia
    By - Cecilia S.
    21-Aug-2019 04:23 AM
  • I am a very active individual (75 years young) who was in tremendous hip pain in early March 2018 and I was looking for a hip surgeon who specialized in the anterior method of complete hip replacement. In doing my research attempting to identify a surgeon, our daughter-in-law (an ex-Mayo physician) passed along the name of Dr. David Hartigan. In my initial consultation with Dr. Hartigan, I was very pleased with his communication & medical skills. I felt extremely comfortable in all our discussions in every aspect of the procedure – Dr. Hartigan & I discussed exactly how/what was going to occur in the operating room; we reviewed all expectations relating to my hip pain, post-surgery do’s & don’ts and finally, I felt fabulous having Dr. Hartigan by my side in pre-surgery prep, during surgery and post-surgery. That evening after the left hip was completely replaced, all of my pain was totally gone and I was up walking around the floor. Also, in December 2018, Dr. Hartigan performed a right hip replacement with the very same positive results.

    I feel totally confident that I can refer Dr. David Hartigan to any patient that presents with severe hip pain for a complete hip replacement. He is an outstanding hip surgeon, has great communication skills, awesome medical skills and is a very fine person.

    His grateful patient, Carmine
    By - Carmine I.
    21-Aug-2019 04:22 AM
  • Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.Dr. Hartigan was great to work with and did a great job with my knee surgery. I am a professional athlete and he was our team doctor. Dr. Hartigan did a great job getting me back on the field, healthy and fit to play.
    By - Collin F.
    21-Aug-2019 04:20 AM
  • Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.As a professional soccer player for the Phoenix Rising soccer club, it was important for me to get the best possible surgery to have the best chance of getting back on the pitch. Thankfully, Dr. Hartigan did a great job. My knee feels strong and very stable. Grateful to have worked with him and would recommend him to anyone in need of this service. He is very patient with his client and answers all questions at almost any time of day, always looking to help you feel comfortable with the situation. Great personality and all around top lad. Thanks again doc, you are awesome!!
    By - Alessandro R.
    21-Aug-2019 04:18 AM
  • Dr. Hartigan is great. He took his time with us, explained everything clearly and answered all of my multiple questions. We never felt rushed and felt very comfortable with his knowledge. I will recommend him to others. Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.
    By - Sandra R
    21-Aug-2019 02:10 AM
  • Dr. listened to complain, ordered appropriate imaging, prompt rescheduling for follow up. Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.
    By - Self-verified patient
    21-Aug-2019 02:08 AM
  • After seeing Dr. Hartigan, I was impressed and I am not easily impressed! Excellent follow through after my xrays- explained the why and wherefore for "what is next". Only a matter of time until he does my hip replacement but at the moment there are several things to try first- the more time I can have my natural hip will be a positive. Have already had one replacement 8 yrs ago that could not be put off- excellent recovery. Was back on horseback 30 days later, galloping down the beach so I know what a hip replacement entails. Dr. David E. Hartigan, M.D.
    By - Self-verified patient
    21-Aug-2019 02:03 AM

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